Message from Marketing Specialist

I feel proud to be the part of Universal International Pvt. Ltd. located at Panipokhari, Kathmandu, Nepal. I have finished my medical degree in 2017 and done final master in surgery in 2019. Doing final year course of Doctor on Ukraine. I’ve knowledge of English , Ukraine, Russian , Hindi, Dutch, Polish and different 16 plus languages. I’m well known for my hard working, sincerity, honesty, punctuality and responsible for my duties and work. Universal International Pvt. Ltd. has been serving with great sincerity and has an impeccable and formidable reputation in the market which is hard to beat. I’ve major responsibilities to manage all the activities related to international companies especially European Countries by visiting to the country, marketing about our company. The duty of responsibility does not end here. All the procedures related to the workers after departure from the country continues by receiving the departed workers to the unknown country and settling them to their destination, taking care of their salary, accommodation. My responsibility towards the worker still doesn’t end here. In future if any problem arises related to their work or other problem then I’ll always be there to solve it. I always take care about the welfare of our workers and report about their situation and condition to Universal International. Not only this I’ll make aware about the golden opportunities and possible chances to upgrade them and help them to raise their status.

I’m always willing to help the workers and resolve their problems in any condition.

Best Regards
Pranaya Kumar Prince
Director-Recruitment Marketing Specialist