Factory Worker


Factory Worker Responsibilities and Duties

  • Gather raw resources for processing, measuring, mixing and cooking raw materials.
  • Control automated process and temperature for making products.
  • Check quality of prepared product and record exact results at definite times of production process.
  • Operate and maintain machines, inspecting and packing final product.
  • Ensure to clean and sterilize plant processing area.
  • Operate machinery to produce textiles, washing and blending wool, cloth, or yarn.
  • Inspect quality of various products, spinning wool and other fibers.
  • Participate in dying and bleaching materials, pressing, stretching or waterproofing materials at factory.
  • Involve in mixing and cooking dairy product ingredients, molding and shaping dairy product.
  • Monitor maturity time and collect samples of products.
  • Test samples of dairy product and operating machinery for packaging dairy product.
  • Perform parts cutting, sewing, and gluing pieces together for various products.
  • Conduct spraying leather with finishing treatments or leather dye.
  • Perform in an assembly and manufacturing environment to operate machine inflating, molding or cutting airbags as specified.
  • Inspect plastics visually to detect imperfections and packaging product when complete.